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Chichia is founded by Tanzanian born and now London-based designer, Christine Mhando. The label fuses east African print, history and culture with a London sense of edge and eclecticism. Each of her collections features separates in bold shapes, striking but wearable dresses and skirts featuring interesting cut-outs and a vibrant hue of prints and colours.

Christine is passionate about representing her east African roots through the use in all her creations of the Khanga which is a traditional east African cotton printed fabric used by local women as wraps but often also as head-dress or even a method of decorating the home. Each Khanga is unique and often has a written message on it, in the form of a riddle or proverb, which allows the wearer to express herself and adds another subtle layer of meaning. Last but not least, Beyonce herself has been spotted wearing the label and is a fan!

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